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What are the deficiencies of Chinas caster industry development?

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What are the deficiencies of Chinas caster industry development?

Release date:2017-12-28 Author: Click:

With the rapid development of China's market economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, people have paid more and more attention to the development of domestic caster industry. Throughout the current casters market, although the industry has grown significantly, but there are still many problems in the development process.

For a long time, in many areas of development of the caster industry, there is a tendency to consciously or unconsciously, that is: technology-oriented, blindly on the project, or one-sided pursuit of the narrower the better the line width, while ignoring the market's most development of this industry The important factor. From 1981 to 1985, China had introduced 33 caster production lines. Many of the projects were launched. Only equipment was introduced and no technology was introduced. The varieties of the line were basically eliminated by the market and did not meet the market demand. Some of the production line equipment is outdated and does not support the design capability. Coupled with the lack of funds for the project, poor management of casters, lack of digestion and absorptive capacity, etc., most of the projects are overwhelmed. Lin Chun casters

From the perspective of the caster market in recent years, although the industry’s production and sales have maintained rapid growth, overall, overcapacity, tight funding, and high receivables are still high, and some companies have high asset-liability ratios and insufficient production investment. Raw material prices, disorderly competition, to the enormous pressure on the enterprise. The increase in the cost of about 30% for two consecutive years has affected the reinvestment of companies and has affected the development of the entire industry.

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