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According to the weight of handling objects to determine the direction of selection of medium-sized 3-inch polyurethane brake casters

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According to the weight of handling objects to determine the direction of selection of medium-sized 3-inch polyurethane brake casters

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According to the weight of the object to be transported, the selection direction of the medium-sized 3-inch polyurethane brake castor is determined. When we move the object, we use the wheel. It is to make it save a lot of effort for itself, so it is also required to have Good flexibility, only in this way can we get a great deal of energy savings when using it, but often there are some wheels that show a lot of clunky phenomena.

Of course, in this case, the weight of the moving objects is often taken into account, and then the wheels are decided. If the items are relatively low, then it is required to choose a flexible product. Because it is small, the quality is lighter. , Naturally in the most fundamental performance of the above are naturally more labor-saving. Shanghai casters

However, the weight of the moving object should not be neglected because of the laboriousness. It is difficult for the small wheel to achieve its adaptability when some heavy objects are moving. Therefore, it will eventually show its effect The difference, and we choose the wheel, we must first pay attention to the weight of the item you want to move. A medium-sized 3-inch polyurethane brake caster plant will have a lot of employees. Different employees are responsible for the different stages of polyurethane production. For example, some people are hot-rolled wheels on the production line, and others are on the production line of cold-drawn wheels. But no matter what his production line, the wheels that are finally produced must be the true face of a qualified wheel factory. Every thing is a manufacturer. Like a mobile phone, there are different manufacturers of different brands of mobile phones. In fact, it is equivalent to the product. Place of production.

When the user uses the wheel, he should clearly understand the load carrying capacity of the wheel and its supporting products, and select suitable wheels for use. Prior to using the pre-estimated load bearing components, selected wheels and their supporting components carrying weight should be greater than 1.5 times the carrying weight. Different for different occasions to choose different raw materials wheels: not the same as the raw wheels have different physical and chemical properties. Wheels are not the same raw materials, the use of occasions are not the same environment, will lead to wheel life is not the same. When using the wheel, the user should understand the proper application of the wheel to avoid unnecessary losses. Useful maintenance of the wheels: The user should regularly maintain the working parts of the wheels.

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