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Caster high temperature in the living life and clever application of the market

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Caster high temperature in the living life and clever application of the market

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Mostly with the universal wheel high temperature furniture used in office applications, but if properly applied at home can also enjoy the ease of activities and fun. Especially in the small living room space, the wheels play a greater role. In the three-wheel application program that Yongcheng has arranged for everyone, everyone can see the positive impact of the wheels. Lin Chun Wanxiang Lun

To the side table casters spell table

The increasingly popular side tables are increasingly popular because of their compact size and versatility, while the two rectangular side tables with wheels fit together and are sized to serve as dining tables. Tables and chairs with universal wheel heat resistance can reduce people's requirements for the area of the dining area. Usually, no two side tables can be placed on both sides of the sofa, and they can be put together when they eat. Coupled with casters with chairs, handling the process no longer strenuous.

Flexible folding space with wheel bookcase

Traditional bookcases are mostly large and heavy. To move one place at a time may change the entire home. Now available in the market to choose the bookcase is much easier, not only many businesses to the bookcase is divided into narrow strips, people can choose according to their own area of single or multiple small bookcase together, more with wheel bookshelves and bookshelf Let the collection space be free to move, assemble. However Xiaobian remind everyone that the load on the wheels are generally limited, if it is a large bookcase Do not install the wheels.

Storage space free transposition

In general, the master bedroom area is more spacious, you can put down a large cabinet, and for the small size of the guest bedroom, the area is slightly cramped. If you place a storage space in the guest bedroom, with universal wheel temperature lockers or storage boxes is a good choice. Removable lockers are free to place in any corner of the room, according to the changing needs of people. The wheel storage box is more flexible, not only items can be stored, in order to save space can also be based on the level of utilization of the box stacked from top to bottom stacked, the use of light, but also more conducive to clean.

Wheel application has brought great convenience to home life, the use of wheels to change the pattern also brings aura to the entire home life, we may wish to choose home decoration wheel home products. Everbright Wheel Industry is very pleased to see the wheels in their daily lives gradually widespread application of future production, will pay more attention to product performance and quality, and constantly improve the convenience of the wheel for the community to provide more reliable wheel products.

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