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Castor factory performance test

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Castor factory performance test

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1 impact test

  Install the caster vertically on the ground test platform so that the weight of 5KG (±2%) from the height of 200mm, allowing the deviation of ± 3mm free fall impact caster wheel edge, if two rounds of two The wheel should impact at the same time. During the whole experiment, any part of the caster should not be separated and the caster should not roll, rotate or brake after the experiment is finished.

2. Resistance performance test

 The castor should be dry and clean when tested for this property. Place the castor on a piece of metal plate insulated from the floor with the wheel rim in contact with the metal plate and load 5% to 10% of its nominal load on the castor. Measure the resistance between the caster and the metal plate with an Insulation Resistance Tester (nominal open circuit voltage of 500V, measured resistance fluctuation within 10% and loss on the product not to exceed 3W). For the conductive castor, the resistance value is not more than 104 ohms, and the resistance of the anti-static caster should be between 105 ohms and 107 ohms.

Static load test

  The stable operation of the caster on the ground is a purely theoretical state. The test procedure of the static load of the caster is to fix the caster with a screw on a horizontally smooth steel test platform, apply a force of 800 N along the center of gravity of the caster to maintain 24H, check the condition of the caster after removing the force by 24H, and measure the caster after the experiment. The amount of deformation does not exceed 3% of the diameter of the wheel and the rolling of the caster after the experiment is completed is acceptable if the rotation around the shaft or the braking function is not impaired. Caster manufacturers

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